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Why Choose us?

We never stop improving our services, including development methodologies, sourcing the lastest legislation information , management techniques and QA standards to enhance our team’s capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.

Evacuation Plans and Diagrams

Cost Effective Pricing

We provide our services at the lowest cost possible by utilizing our in house team coupled with carefully chosen software. We strive to keep our operating costs low so we can deliver quality services at very reasonable prices.

Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of Evacdirect.

Our primary goal is sustaining long-term safety partnerships with all our clients. With a focus on easy delivery and meeting our customer expectations.

Solution Focused communication

We listen to our customers; develop solutions that best fit their oragnisations timeframes and budgets.

Dedicated Service lines

Emergency Evacuation – Facility – Site & Block Diagrams, OHS/WHS compliance consultancy.

Business Experience

The senior team has over 20 years risk management compliance management, covering a broad range of orgainisations and environments within Australia.

Our Experience has shown us, customers are looking for support, guidance and a process that makes their life easier, while providing workable solutions that fit their current needs.