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Emergency evacuation diagrams


Australian standard evacuation diagrams

Australian Standards 3745-2010

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Evacuation Diagram

Australian evacuation diagrams and emergency diagrams

EvacDirect provides a cost effective solution to ensure your business / premises is fully compliant by providing a cost effecting evacuation plans and emergency diagrams. Our Australian evacuation diagrams are to Australian Standards 3745-2010. EvacDirect’s emergency plans help business, schools and factory owners all around Australian be safe and compliant with minimal resources required. Its an easy 1 2 3 process where we take care of all the requirements. Simply send us your building plans we analyse and develop a mark up template and then returned is an evacuation diagram is then created to be displayed in your premisses. Its that simple… 

  • Cardiff North Primary SchoolNew South Wales, Australia
  • Schweppes WarehouseVictoria, Australia
  • Mount Alexander Shire Council BuildingVictoria, Australia
  • Lata State SchoolQueensland, Australia
  • Volkswagon Group Aust FactoryVictoria, Australia
Cardiff North Primary School Schweppes Warehouse Mount Alexander Shire Council Building Lata State School Volkswagon Group Aust Factory

Our Work

Our evacuation plans are custom created to your specific needs and your premisses. Our evacuation diagrams are the highest quality. Browse and click on our recent emergency plans.

Our evacuation diagrams start at $99.50 and made to order.


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Ensuring WHS/OHS compliance can be as easy as 1,2,3.

There are large personal penalties for non-compliance if convicted, not to mention the Brand damage to your organisation.

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Employers, senior staff, PCBU’s need to ensure they are meeting their obligations or face substantial personal penalties.

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